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Auto Repair Services

Look no further than Hal’s Auto Repair and Tiers in Oceanside to entrust your car to expert automotive repair and maintenance services.
We are your one-stop total car care facility conveniently located within the San Luis Rey area.

Why go to Hal’s Auto Repair and Tires?

We have proven expertise.

Hal and his team are certified Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) mechanics possessing well over 30 years of experience of working under the hood. Our ability to fix to your car in a proposed timely manner is ensured. Check out our auto repair reviews from customers like you.

Total car care.

Our full range of auto repair services covers essential maintenance like an oil change or smog check to advanced repair like an engine overhaul or transmission rebuild. Therefore, every time you need to visit Hal’s you’ll be taken care of.

We value our customers.

We’re friendly, courteous and dedicated automotive professionals committed to keeping our customers safe and trouble-free driving on the road.

Hal’s Car Repair Services

Nothing interrupts your busy schedule like having problem with your vehicle as you’re ready to hit the road.

If an issue with your car arises, call Hal’s Auto Repair and Tires near you to get the job done in a timely manner.

We are ready to handle any of these issues below for almost any car make and model. In addition, we’ll have our tow truck get you if you can’t get to us.

Man repairing a car

Complete Engine Performance Check

Check the engine light coming on? Come over and visit our shop to take advantage of our FREE check engine light special so we can determine what is going on (when you mention this offer)


Every vehicle needs a regular scheduled tune-up for optimal performance and efficiency. Bring your car to Hal’s any time you notice hard start issues or declining performance. Restore your car’s power back with our engine tune-up service.

Timing Belt

Your car’s timing belt is made from rubber and is easily subject to wear and tear from driven miles, mechanical and environmental conditions over time. Restore improved engine performance with our timing belt service.

Smog Test

A mandatory smog test informs the state that your vehicle does not exceed normal levels of emissions allowed well as indicating that your car is running as it should. Schedule your next smog check certification at Hal’s Auto Repair and Tires and be in and out in no time.

Electrical Problems

If any of your car’s power options are sluggish or are related with your car battery give Hal’s a call so we can find out what is going on.

Cooling System Service

Cooling system failure is one of the most common causes that can lead to expensive vehicle breakdown. When there is a cooling system problem in your vehicle, it’s functioning while being in danger. Don’t hesitate to immediately bring your vehicle in for service.

Suspension & Steering Repair

Your vehicle’s suspension system includes a few components that work together to ensure accurate steering. If any of the components i.e. control arms, end links, tie rods, lateral links etc. fail, your vehicle is unsafe to drive on the road. Let us determine what your suspension system needs to function normally if you have any inkling that your car’s suspension or steering is off.

Transmission Service

Along with your car’s engine, the health of transmission is essential to your vehicle. Our certified can help to ensure smooth operation of your transmission with sound preventative maintenance like changing the fluids or with a thorough transmission flush. Both are excellent measures to help prevent against expensive repair

Oil Change

If it’s time for an oil change, look no further than Hal’s Auto Repair and Tires. We use only trusted quality motor oil to improve the performance and life of your vehicle while getting you back on the road promptly.

Brake Inspection, Service & Repair

Hear your rotors screech and grind when you come up on that stop sign no matter how soft you tap the brake pedal? Have Hal’s experienced team inspect, resurface and turn your brake rotors. In addition, if more advanced work is needed we can take of that too.

Heating & Air Conditioning Service

Struggling to find time to get your car’s heating & ac system fixed while you’re either too hot or cold while driving? Let us help you with auto heating and air conditioning repair without putting your life on hold.

Exhaust System & Muffler Repair

Exhaust System & Muffler Repair helps your vehicle run efficiently and protect the environment. Our professional team performs inspections and repairs on muffler and exhaust systems on all makes and models of cars.

Fuel System Repair & Maintenance

We are specialized in keeping your car healthy with fuel system cleaning services and other preventative car maintenance services. Keep your car’s engine running smoothly with our professional fuel system repair & maintenance!

Maintenance Inspections

It’s no secret that regular maintenance and inspection improves the lifespan of your vehicle and keeps it running smoothly. Therefore, come to Hal’s. We’ll lookout for the safety, handling, comfort, and longevity of your car.