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Count on Hal’s Auto Repair and Tires as your best auto repair Oceanside shop. Trust over 35 years of automotive experience to get the mechanical care you want for a trouble-free vehicle. Contact us now for expert automotive services today.

Auto Repair Offer - $25 Off

$25 Off Any Service of $250 or More
$50 Off Any Service of $500 or More
$75 Off Any Service of $800 or More.

Free Check Engine Light Diagnosis - FREE

Do you see the check engine light coming on?
Come to our shop for a FREE check engine light diagnosis so we can determine what is going on.

Auto Repair Offer - $25 Off

$25 Off Any Service of $250 or More | $50 Off Any Service of $500 or More | $75 Off Any Service of $800 or More.

Free Check Engine Light Diagnosis - FREE

Do you see the check engine light coming on?
Come to our shop for a FREE check engine light diagnosis so we can determine what is going on.

The Best Auto Repair Shop in Oceanside

When your car needs repair or maintenance, you clearly want a trustworthy auto repair shop. It is always a tough decision on who to call the first time as there are many auto service professionals in Oceanside to choose from. There are easily over 25 mechanics that serve neighborhoods like San Luis Rey, Rancho Del Oro, Fire Mountain and Loma Alta.

But not all shops throughout are the same.

With Hal’s count on:

Certified Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Hal’s Auto Repair and Tires in Oceanside is Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified. This respected nationwide authority requires rigorous automotive testing, bare minimum of two year’s hands-on mechanical experience and staying on top of vehicle repair technology to pass. Having an ASE certification demonstrates dedicated expertise and commitment.

Skilled Technicians

Our experienced and trained automotive technicians inspect your vehicle to provide an accurate diagnosis of the issue to get the correct fix for your vehicle. We service almost every make and model on the road today.

Quality Automotive Parts and Products

We use excellent quality repair parts and fluid from trusted automotive brands for trouble free performance that lasts as expected.

Warrantied Repairs

Rest easy knowing that our Oceanside auto repair service center provides a one year or 12,000-mile warranty on all work performed.

Convenient Scheduling Options

We schedule your appointment to your convenience. Just let us know what day and time so your service is performed.

We provide after-hours vehicle drop-off and offer a loaner vehicle for customers depending on availability.

Outstanding reputation

Hal’s is a stand out auto repair Oceanside service center. Real customers continue to write about their truthful experiences on authoritative websites like Google, Yelp, BBB and SureCritic.


We have taken 3 different cars to Hal’s over the past year for smog tests, oil changes, tires, lights, and major repairs. Each time Hal has given us polite, excellent service and great prices. I am headed back right now to have my roof drains cleaned. Our family highly recommends Hal for everything automotive!


Hal’s Auto Repair and Tires gave courteous and prompt service. These men are knowledgeable in what they do and they thoroughly explain what’s wrong and what needs to be done. Johnny is straightforward and keeps you informed of the work progress while you are waiting, and Hal is pleasant and shows a caring attitude towards his clients. I will be returning to this place for my future auto needs and I will be recommending them to others.


Hal is awesome! He is friendly, informative and offers really fair pricing. I completely trust him and he works on all my cars. He goes above and beyond the call of business and truly understands that good business practices results in return customers. He’s also a really nice guy! I recommend Hal’s Tire and Auto care for all your repair needs!


Quick, efficient, great service!
Wonderful experience! It’s good to know there are reliable, honest, hard-working establishments that one can rely on…Hal’s Auto Repair is one of them. I highly recommend.


Top Auto Repair Oceanside Services

We regularly perform various automotive services for customers such as:

Engine Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups improve fuel economy, enhance engine performance, and reduce emissions. Our automotive technicians inspect and replace worn components such as the spark plugs and filters. Bring your vehicle for an engine tune-up as part of recommended performance or if you notice sluggish starts.

Timing Belt Replacement

A timing belt service maintains engine performance and is crucial to preventing damage. Our experienced auto techs remove and replace the old belt, ensure proper alignment of all moving parts, and verify correct timing and tension.

Engine Repair

A vehicle engine is built with multiple mechanical components that need to stay in sync to work properly. Even with regularly scheduled maintenance and care, problems can unexpectedly occur. Contact Hal for experienced engine repair for restored power and reliability.

Smog Testing

Get certified state emission testing performed by licensed automotive professionals. Most sessions take 15 minutes or less. $39.75 + $8.25 certification for Smog Test in Oceanside. Most cars and trucks 2000 and newer.

Electrical Repair
Diagnose and repair issues, including power options and battery-related problems, to maintain the proper functioning of your vehicle’s electrical systems.

Battery Replacement
Prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure reliable starts by installing new, high-quality batteries suitable for your vehicle model.

Cooling System Repair
Prevent engine overheating and costly breakdowns by inspecting, repairing, and maintaining all cooling system components.

Suspension & Steering Repair
Diagnosing and repairing suspension and steering components, including control arms, tie rods, and links, can improve vehicle handling, safety, and ride comfort.

Transmission Services
Extend transmission life and maintain smooth gear shifts by performing fluid changes, flushes, and repairs as needed.

Oil Change
Extend engine life and maintain optimal performance by replacing old oil with high-quality motor oil and installing a new filter.

Brake Repair
Ensure safe and effective stopping power by inspecting, resurfacing, or replacing brake components as needed.

Air Conditioning Service
Maintain comfortable cabin temperature in all seasons by repairing and recharging AC systems for optimal performance.

Exhaust System Repair
Inspecting and repairing mufflers and exhaust systems for all vehicle makes and models can improve fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

Wheel Alignment
Adjust wheel angles to manufacturer specifications to improve handling, tire longevity, and fuel efficiency.

Emergency services
Hal’s sincerely cares about your road safety. We provide emergency repairs or towing services for customers. Contact us now.

Keep Your Car Running Smooth with Hal’s

Staying on top of your car’s recommended maintenance schedule can be a challenge. But it is key to having reliable performance and longevity. Hal’s service professionals want to help prevent costly repairs and breakdowns before they start.

While maintenance recommendations can vary by vehicle make and model, some of the routine services we suggest are:

  • Conventional Oil changes every 3,000 miles and Synthetic Oil changes at 5,000 miles.
  • Tire rotations every 10,000 miles. If you own an EV vehicle, every 7,500 miles.
  • Have your vehicle looked at every 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 miles. We agree for your vehicle safety.

Let Hal keep you safely on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions for auto repair Oceanside customers

Does Hal's offer any local discounts or promotions?

Yes, we offer tiered discounts based on service totals. You can save $25 off services of $250 or more, $50 off services of $500 or more, and $75 off services of $800 or more.

Does Hal's Auto Repair offer smog checks required for California vehicles?

Yes, Hal’s Auto Repair and Tires is a certified smog check station. We offer quick and efficient smog testing services, typically completed in 15 minutes or less.

How do I prepare my car for Summer heat wave season?

To prepare for warmer periods in Oceanside, we recommend having your car’s cooling system and air conditioning checked annually. This includes inspecting coolant levels, checking for leaks, and ensuring the A/C is functioning optimally.

Are there any special considerations for maintaining a car in Oceanside's coastal environment?

Yes, living by the coastal environment can accelerate rust and corrosion. We recommend regular underbody washes to remove salt buildup and periodic inspections of your vehicle’s paint and undercarriage for early signs of rust.

How long does a typical auto repair take at Hal's?

Repair times vary depending on the service needed. However, we pride ourselves on efficient service. Simply give us a call and we can provide a realistic estimate of how long a repair should take.

Does Hal's offer any financing options for more expensive repairs?

Yes, we offer a no-interest, no-fee financing option for 6 months on purchases over $149, helping you manage unexpected repair costs.

Are Hal's technicians familiar with electric and hybrid vehicles common?

Absolutely. Our ASE-certified technicians are trained to work on all types of vehicles, including the latest electric and hybrid models popular in Oceanside. Contact us today for service.

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